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O'Flannigan's Pub

The pub has begun to take new form as we work with the owners to create the design they're after. We are going for inviting ambiance and an open atmosphere. So far, some walls have been removed, the wood floor has been resurfaced and the lighting fixtures have been upgraded. There's much more to be done! But it's coming along nicely!

The Royal Anne Hotel - Breakfast Room

Our clients wanted to freshen up the space in their hotel and create an ambiance that invited their guests to enjoy a beautiful morning meal! Since this room has no source of natural light, we had to really get creative.

Old carpet, cabinetry along with the commercial grade room divider were all removed and this room was completely transformed!

Vinyl plank flooring, new cabinetry, bright furniture and granite countertops were a great addition to this space.

Proper lighting was key to the completion of this space. The old rough texture ceiling and lights cast dark shadows over the room, so it was all dismantled and replaced with a beautiful smooth ceiling to mount the LED surface mount pot lights, eliminating the dark spots!

Mounting the stretch art was no small task but it gives this space the look and feel our clients were looking for! Axel from Phoenix Stretch Ceilings worked with us to bring the outside inside! The photo of a vineyard is beautifully back-lit and casts a warm, sunny glow across the room.

Big White Chalet - Master Suite Before & After

We updated this beautiful home to create a modern, cozy get-away for our client. All doorways were fitted with barn door style closures and the lighting was completely redone.

The kitchenette was removed and replaced with a walk-in-in closet complete with makeup station inside. The desk outside the closet was sourced from Costa Rica's national, exotic tree called Guanacaste.

The bathroom was dismantled to studs to recreate a spa-style experience with natural elements incorporated into the design at our client's request.

Big White Chalet Kitchen & Office

This living room originally had a large, bare wall. Our client purchased the electric fireplace and asked us to design and built a unit to house it. We added a custom, solid wood maple mantel stained with a finish closely matching the kitchen floor in the adjacent area. Thank you, Tom and Judy, for giving us the opportunity to build this fireplace for you!

Blue Sail Design & Contracting was asked by the Royal Anne Hotel in Kelowna, British Columbia to design a sauna room. The space we worked with wasn’t large, but we were able to design it to be comfortable and spacious. We designed a custom hot bed at the owner’s request. We made it from a custom cut piece of DEKTON. We then had the cedar boards milled to match the infrared sauna to the right.

We were asked once again to renovate and design a 2,000 sq. ft. ballroom at the Royal Anne Hotel. We completely rebuilt the ceiling and added many light options to create the best ambiance options for different occasions. There are two feature light fixtures that were customized for this space. We also rebuilt the minibar to accommodate our clients’ needs.

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